Revision 749808

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Bug Fixes in Networking Tools

Michael Zanetti committed changes in /trunk/playground/network/kopete/plugins/otr/src:

removed KDE3-Context Menu as it doesn't work any more and crashes
added one icon to the chatwindow to at least be able to start OTR sessions

Reanimated the KCM Module:
fingerprintstable and own fingerprint combo box work again

File Changes

Modified 7 files
  • /trunk/playground/network/kopete/plugins/otr/src
  •   /otrchatui.rc
  •   /otrguiclient.cpp
  •   /otrlconfinterface.cpp
  •   /otrplugin.cpp
  •   /otrpreferences.cpp
  •   /otrpreferences.h
  •   /otrprefs.ui
7 files changed in total