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Thomas Reitelbach committed changes in /branches/KDE/4.0/kdebase:

revert 762802.

Hm, all necessary strings have already been extracted because scripty automatically extracts ui-files in the same dir where resides.

The reason for all those modules beeing untranslated must be something else. I'll have to investigate it.

File Changes

Modified 8 files
  • /branches/KDE/4.0/kdebase
  •   /apps/kdepasswd/kcm/
  •   /runtime/kcontrol/componentchooser/
  •   /runtime/kcontrol/dnssd/
  •   /runtime/kcontrol/locale/
  •   /workspace/kcontrol/accessibility/
  •   /workspace/kcontrol/kxkb/
  •   /workspace/kcontrol/randr/
  •   /apps/konqueror/settings/kio/
8 files changed in total