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Arno Rehn committed changes in /branches/work/kdebindings-smoke2:

* Regenerated KDE classes from the 4.0 headers
* Added kimono runtime
* Only added classes from core, gui and sonnet. KIO classes won't compile at the moment due to a bug in gmcs. As the other modules like DOM and KParts have dependencies on KIO they can't be included, too.

Maybe the gmcs crash can somehow be avoided.
* Added Kimono example app. Install Qyoto & Kimono and compile it with
gmcs -r:qt-dotnet,kde-dotnet test.cs
* When looking up a type by it's name in the Qyoto runtime, scan through all referenced and used assemblies.
* Don't try to call virtual methods and don't do anything in qyoto_event_notify if the application has already terminated. Fixes some segfaults on application quit.
* Install all qyoto headers.
* Use partial classes all over the place and nested classes instead of namespaces when generating the C# sources.

File Changes

Modified 8 files
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  •   /csharp/qyoto/src/qyoto.cpp
  •   /csharp/qyoto/src/qyotosmokebinding.cpp
  •   /csharp/qyoto/src/SmokeMarshallers.cs
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