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Features in Multimedia

Sovanramy Var committed changes in /branches/kscd/isi-kscd/kdemultimedia/kscd:

Resolved conflicts on svg pictures, added MusicBrainz upload (with direct use of libMusicBrainz, TODO see if libkcddb can improve the management), temporary resolved musicbrainz problems when no connection.

File Changes

Modified 7 files
  • /branches/kscd/isi-kscd/kdemultimedia/kscd
  •   /kscd.cpp
  •   /kscd.h
  •   /mbmanager.cpp
  •   /mbmanager.h
  •   /ihm/kscdwidget.cpp
  •   /ihm/skin/default.svg
  •   /ihm/skin/Remote.svg
7 files changed in total