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Optimization in KDE Base

Maks Orlovich committed changes in /branches/work/kjs-frostbyte/kjs:

Avoid the re-allocation of Activations the easy way: cache a few.
This shows the expected big win on controlflow-recursive, but a slowdown on an another benchmark; investigating.

Also fix a bug in not doing stack free right on detach activations.

An alternative would be to do use a non-GC heap cache, along with deferred tearoffs --- only doing them after the function returns. One would still have to make sure the activations don't move (not hard), but then the marking would require a special case.

File Changes

Modified 5 files
  • /branches/work/kjs-frostbyte/kjs
  •   /ExecState.cpp
  •   /function.cpp
  •   /interpreter.cpp
  •   /interpreter.h
  •   /JSVariableObject.h
5 files changed in total