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Parker Coates committed changes in /trunk/playground/games/killbots:

Initial import.

Killbots is a KDE port of the classic BSD console game "robots". The game premise is simple. For some reason you are trapped in a room with a bunch of killer robots that are trying to destroy you.

You must survive by avoiding the robots and causing them to collide with one another and/or the junkheaps remaining from previous collisions. The game play is turn based.

At any point you can teleport to a random cell on the board which may save you or may place you right next to a robot. In some rulesets you can collect energy, which can be used to teleport safely, without risk of landing in a dangerous cell.

Some rulesets also include a faster breed of robot that can move twice as fast as the regular variety. Extra points and/or energy can be gained by "waiting out the round", meaning that you will be unable to move for the remainder of the round until either you or all the robots have been destroyed.

Some rulesets allow the player to push junkheaps, either to form protective barricades or to crush robots. Crushing robots with junkheaps generally yields extra points or energy.

At this stage, Killbots supports SVG themes, animations, loading different rulesets, and highscores.

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  • /trunk/playground/games/killbots
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  •   /optionspage.h
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  •   /ruleset.cpp
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  •   /rulesets
  •   /rulesetselector.cpp
  •   /rulesetselector.h
  •   /scene.cpp
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