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Norbert Frese committed changes in /trunk/KDE/kdelibs/kio/bookmarks:

The purpose of this is sharing file-management shortcuts (KFilePlacesModel) with other desktops. See: <a href=""></a>" target="_blank">"></a>;

* stores the icon-name in metadata (owner="") instead of as an attribute of the bookmark tag. This seems more conforming to XBEL.
* migration code for bookmark files where the icon is stored in the old place.
* store and retrieve the mime-type of bookmark items (according to the desktop-bookmark-spec): new methods KBookmark::setMimeType() and KBookmark::mimeType())
* use mime-type to pick the right icon (if no icon is specified).
* new public method to access metadata by owner: KBookmark::metaData()
* add xmlns: declarations when creating a new bookmarks document

* Introduces a new KBookmarkManager type: "external". In this mode KBookmarkManager uses KDirWatch for change monitoring (rather than DBus).

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