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Features in Graphics

Alexander Kempshall committed changes in /branches/work/kooka-kde3/kooka:

PhotoCopy. Changed to print image using 'scan' print mode with scanner resolution obtained from sane, can do this as scan/print i one operation. Also changed to parameterise m_extraMarginPercent in call to KookaPrint::printImage to ensure that printed image is close approximation to original.

Operation is available from the "Scan - PhotoCopy" menu. When presented with print dialog simply push print button (or cancel to return). If print button pushed
- print dialog will disappear
- scan progress bar and scan will start
- printing status message box will appear
- printing status message box will disappear
- print will spool and print dialog will re-appear

File Changes

Modified 3 files
  • /branches/work/kooka-kde3/kooka
  •   /kookaprint.cpp
  •   /kookaprint.h
  •   /kookaview.cpp
3 files changed in total