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Rafael Fernández López committed changes in /trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace:

Kickoff changes asked on panel-devel. As voted, the background painting did not get in

- Strict mouse hover
- Leaving an item will unselect that item
- Leaving the viewport will unselect the selected item if was any
- Better keyboard navigation
- If no item selected, Up will select the last item, Down will select the first item
- Search improvements
- The first result becomes the selected index, if exists
- The bottom tabbar is hidden for ease of use, intuitivity and letting more room for search results

File Changes

Modified 9 files
  • /trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace
  •   /libs/plasma/delegate.cpp
  •   /plasma/applets/kickoff/core/searchmodel.cpp
  •   /plasma/applets/kickoff/core/searchmodel.h
  •   /plasma/applets/kickoff/ui/flipscrollview.cpp
  •   /plasma/applets/kickoff/ui/flipscrollview.h
  •   /plasma/applets/kickoff/ui/launcher.cpp
  •   /plasma/applets/kickoff/ui/launcher.h
  •   /plasma/applets/kickoff/ui/urlitemview.cpp
  •   /plasma/applets/kickoff/ui/urlitemview.h
9 files changed in total