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Features in Office

Adam Pigg committed changes in /trunk/koffice/kexi/plugins/reportspgz:

Some more refactoring.

Changed the scripting backend to Kross!
Some things dont work yet (field values), but its a good start.

Added a 'report' object available to scripts which contains a helper to reference any object in the report, aswell as its title and data source.

Added a 'constants' object to the script engine because kross doesnt allow 'global' contants, they have to belong to an object.

Maybe some features like this could be borrowed from qtscript (adding values/constants to the manager, aswell as objects)?

File Changes

Added 8 files
  • /trunk/koffice/kexi/plugins/reportspgz/backend
  •   /common/krdetailsectiondata.cpp
  •   /common/krdetailsectiondata.h
  •   /common/krreportdata.cpp
  •   /common/krreportdata.h
  •   /renderer/scripting/krscriptconstants.cpp
  •   /renderer/scripting/krscriptconstants.h
  •   /renderer/scripting/krscriptreport.cpp
  •   /renderer/scripting/krscriptreport.h
Modified 18 files
  • /trunk/koffice/kexi/plugins/reportspgz
  •   /CMakeLists.txt
  •   /kexireportview.cpp
  •   /backend/common/parsexmlutils.cpp
  •   /backend/common/parsexmlutils.h
  •   /backend/renderer/orprerender.cpp
  •   /backend/renderer/orutils.h
  •   /backend/wrtembed/reportdesigner.cpp
  •   /backend/wrtembed/reportdesigner.h
  •   /backend/renderer/scripting/krscriptfield.cpp
  •   /backend/renderer/scripting/krscriptfield.h
  •   /backend/renderer/scripting/krscriptfunctions.cpp
  •   /backend/renderer/scripting/krscriptfunctions.h
  •   /backend/renderer/scripting/krscripthandler.cpp
  •   /backend/renderer/scripting/krscripthandler.h
  •   /backend/renderer/scripting/krscriptlabel.cpp
  •   /backend/renderer/scripting/krscriptlabel.h
  •   /backend/renderer/scripting/krscriptsection.cpp
  •   /backend/renderer/scripting/krscriptsection.h
26 files changed in total