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Features in Multimedia

Nathan Bradshaw committed changes in /trunk/playground/multimedia/musicbrainz:

libmusicbrainz is now multithreaded (at least in part).
The lib now sends queues requests and uses threadweaver to send them off in an orderely fashion, one second apart as per's TOS.

By using threadweaver we don't have the main thread sleeping and waking every second for however many queries have been queued.

Next step, multithread the xml result parsing.

File Changes

Added 3 files
  • /trunk/playground/multimedia/musicbrainz/libmusicbrainz
  •   /queryjob.cpp
  •   /queryjob.h
  •   /querymanager_p.h
Modified 7 files
  • /trunk/playground/multimedia/musicbrainz
  •   /libmusicbrainz/CMakeLists.txt
  •   /libmusicbrainz/querymanager.cpp
  •   /libmusicbrainz/querymanager.h
  •   /brainzscanner/src/brainzscanner.cpp
  •   /brainzscanner/src/musicbrainzbrowser.cpp
  •   /discbrainz/src/playerwidget.cpp
  •   /discbrainz/src/playerwidget.h
10 files changed in total