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Jonathan Marten committed changes in /branches/work-kde3:

Scan size selection control moved from the previewer to the scan parameters. A more logical place for it, and makes it possible to scan a preset area without having to do a preview first.

Much simplified the signal/slot communications between the scan parameters, previewer and preview image.

* "About" shows new home page at <a href=""></a>;

* Show previewer file size in the standard localised format, using KIO::convertSize()
* Take account of colour mode and bit depth when calculating that size
* Properly handle scanner bed size, bug 160148
* Show selection area in pixels as well as millimetres
* Fix occasional crash when using KScanOption::get() on a SANE_TYPE_STRING value

File Changes

Added 2 files
  • /branches/work-kde3/branches/work/kooka-kde3/libkscan
  •   /scansizeselector.cpp
  •   /scansizeselector.h
Modified 19 files
  • /branches/work-kde3/branches/work/kooka-kde3
  •   /kooka/kookagallery.cpp
  •   /kooka/kookaview.cpp
  •   /kooka/kookaview.h
  •   /kooka/main.cpp
  •   /kooka/scanpackager.cpp
  •   /libkscan/img_canvas.cpp
  •   /libkscan/img_canvas.h
  •   /libkscan/kscancontrols.cpp
  •   /libkscan/kscandevice.cpp
  •   /libkscan/kscandevice.h
  •   /libkscan/kscanoption.cpp
  •   /libkscan/kscanoption.h
  •   /libkscan/
  •   /libkscan/previewer.cpp
  •   /libkscan/previewer.h
  •   /libkscan/scandialog.cpp
  •   /libkscan/scanparams.cpp
  •   /libkscan/scanparams.h
  •   /libkscan/sizeindicator.cpp
21 files changed in total