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Rafael Fernández López committed changes in /trunk/kdereview/goya:

I hope last public API change.

Since we are storing and caching indexes, and the model used could be filtered/sorted, we want to use QPersistentModelIndex.

I have reached problems of invalid indexes when filtering, and thus having crashes related to this (we cache some indexes => focused, hovered, and more) that result invalid after a filtering.

They still have as .model() the proxy model, but then the proxy model crashes when being called mapToSource().
This avoids those kind of problems.

File Changes

Modified 6 files
  • /trunk/kdereview/goya
  •   /goya/kwidgetitemdelegate.cpp
  •   /goya/kwidgetitemdelegate.h
  •   /goya/kwidgetitemdelegate_p.h
  •   /goya/kwidgetitemdelegatepool.cpp
  •   /goya/kwidgetitemdelegatepool_p.h
  •   /tests/main.cpp
6 files changed in total