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Features in KDE-PIM

Volker Krause committed changes in /trunk:

Add item part namespaces.
This is necessary to distinguish between remote parts that can be retrieved from the resource (payload) and local parts (attributes), which again is necessary to finally implement all the fetch modes advertised in ItemFetchScope.

Existing data should be converted correctly, but you need to update the server as well as the client library.

File Changes

Modified 15 files
  • /trunk
  •   /KDE/kdepimlibs/akonadi/itemcreatejob.cpp
  •   /KDE/kdepimlibs/akonadi/itemfetchjob.cpp
  •   /KDE/kdepimlibs/akonadi/itemmodifyjob.cpp
  •   /KDE/kdepimlibs/akonadi/itemserializer.cpp
  •   /KDE/kdepimlibs/akonadi/protocolhelper.cpp
  •   /KDE/kdepimlibs/akonadi/protocolhelper.h
  •   /KDE/kdepimlibs/akonadi/session.cpp
  •   /KDE/kdepimlibs/akonadi/tests/itemserializertest.cpp
  •   /KDE/kdepimlibs/akonadi/tests/itemserializertest.h
  •   /kdesupport/akonadi/server/src/akonadiconnection.cpp
  •   /kdesupport/akonadi/server/src/handler/append.cpp
  •   /kdesupport/akonadi/server/src/handler/fetch.cpp
  •   /kdesupport/akonadi/server/src/storage/akonadidb.xml
  •   /kdesupport/akonadi/server/src/storage/create-unittest-values.sql
  •   /kdesupport/akonadi/server/src/storage/dbupdate.xml
15 files changed in total