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Gael Guennebaud committed changes in /branches/work/eigen2:

Added a Hessenberg decomposition class for both real and complex matrices.
This is the first step towards a non-selfadjoint eigen solver.

- We might consider merging Tridiagonalization and Hessenberg toghether ?
- Or we could factorize some code into a Householder class (could also be shared with QR)

File Changes

Added 1 files
  • /branches/work/eigen2/Eigen/src/QR/HessenbergDecomposition.h
Modified 5 files
  • /branches/work/eigen2
  •   /Eigen/QR
  •   /test/eigensolver.cpp
  •   /test/nomalloc.cpp
  •   /test/qr.cpp
  •   /Eigen/src/QR/Tridiagonalization.h
6 files changed in total