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Jakob Petsovits committed changes in /trunk/playground/base/raptor:

Move Nuno's Raptor icons ({application,menu}-{add,delete}) from the core Oxygen set to the Raptor directory itself, as they're too specific.

But apart from that, I also feel that they're not consistent with other icons that handle this kind of stuff.
Short reasoning follows, as suggestion to the Raptor devs.
(No, I won't subscribe to any mailing lists just for this.)

With existing KDE icons, there are two kinds of pairs:
- list-add/list-remove: for adding stuff to any listing that already existed before (i.e. nothing is created, only added to the list as reference), and likewise removing it without destroying any real data.
- *-new: for creating new stuff that didn't exist before.
- edit-delete: for deleting real data, which means, stuff that has probably been created with *-new.

So add/delete is kinda weird - it should either be list-add[-stuff]/list-remove[-stuff] or stuff-new/edit-delete.

As far as I can see, the menu categories are not references to anything else but data that is managed by Raptor only.

Applications are a bit more ambiguous, but in the end it is the link that you manipulate, and that could probably also be considered a real object managed by Raptor.

Therefore, I would propose using *-new icons for adding application links and menus, and replacing the *-delete icons with just the single edit-delete, which makes sense for either of them anyways.
menu-add is really just a category, and can just as well be replaced by folder-new.

So this would leave us with one remaining icon, application-new, which should get the *-new plus sign instead of the "list-add" plus sign, for consistency.

The core Oxygen set provides everything else.

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