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Features in User Interface

Jeff Mitchell committed changes in /trunk/playground/libs/popupdropper:

Add support for custom fill colors (doesn't seem to be getting set right though).

Also need to work out how to set it behind the SVG.

File Changes

Modified 7 files
  • /trunk/playground/libs/popupdropper
  •   /popupdropper/PopupDropper.cpp
  •   /popupdropper/PopupDropper.h
  •   /popupdropper/PopupDropper_p.h
  •   /popupdropper/PopupDropperItem.cpp
  •   /popupdropper/PopupDropperItem.h
  •   /popupdropper/PopupDropperItem_p.h
  •   /testapp/dragdroprobot/coloritem.cpp
7 files changed in total