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Features in Educational

David Capel committed changes in /branches/work/soc-parley/parley/src:

Starting flashcard mode.

Some work on integrating parley and parleypractice:
PPMainWindow now can have a KEduVocDocument in its ctor
Parley listens for signalPracticeFinished to reopen -- crash bug partially fixed. I'll work on it more.
New generic button class.

Small theme_reqs change

File Changes

Modified 11 files
  • /branches/work/soc-parley/parley/src
  •   /parley.cpp
  •   /practice/input.cpp
  •   /practice/input.h
  •   /practice/parleypracticemainwindow.cpp
  •   /practice/parleypracticemainwindow.h
  •   /practice/statistics.h
  •   /practice/stdbuttons.cpp
  •   /practice/stdbuttons.h
  •   /practice/TODO
  •   /settings/parley.kcfg
  •   /practice/themes/theme_requirements.txt
11 files changed in total