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Features in Office

Pierre Ducroquet committed changes in /branches/work/soc-koffice-pagestyles:

After endless nights of discussion, code browsing, discovering the various mental disease an abuse of C++ can create...

There is the beginning of support for master pages for kword.

This code is assured to crash.
It is *done* to crash right now, I'll change that soon

But it's gonna improve, don't worry.
I hope to have it ready for 2.0, but I'm not sure it'll make it since it's a quite intrusive change, even if I consider it'd be a shame to distribute KWord 2.0 without this, and with these old hacks like "first page header/footer" (weirdiness inside)

Happy hacking :)

File Changes

Modified 24 files
  • /branches/work/soc-koffice-pagestyles
  •   /kword/part/KWDLoader.cpp
  •   /kword/part/KWDocument.cpp
  •   /kword/part/KWDocument.h
  •   /kword/part/KWOdfLoader.cpp
  •   /kword/part/KWOdfLoader.h
  •   /kword/part/KWOdfWriter.cpp
  •   /kword/part/KWord.h
  •   /kword/part/KWPage.cpp
  •   /kword/part/KWPage.h
  •   /kword/part/KWPageManager.cpp
  •   /kword/part/KWPageManager.h
  •   /kword/part/KWPageSettings.cpp
  •   /kword/part/KWPageSettings.h
  •   /kword/part/KWView.cpp
  •   /kword/part/KWView.h
  •   /libs/kotext/KoTextDocumentLayout.cpp
  •   /libs/kotext/KoTextShapeData.cpp
  •   /libs/kotext/KoTextShapeData.h
  •   /plugins/textshape/Layout.cpp
  •   /kword/part/dialogs/KWStartupWidget.cpp
  •   /kword/part/frames/KWFrameLayout.cpp
  •   /kword/part/frames/KWFrameLayout.h
  •   /kword/part/frames/KWTextFrameSet.cpp
  •   /kword/plugins/scripting/Module.h
24 files changed in total