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Andreas Pakulat committed changes in /trunk/KDE/kdevplatform/plugins:

Provide aboutData information for the plugins.
It's not much work to set this up and it will (hopefully soon) allow a nice tree in the shortcuts editor just like in KDE3.

Everybody who's code I touched should check wether the descriptions are right and the license is correct too (its all GPL I think, but better double-check).

What I'm not sure about is whether we also want to add the authors, it would need a createAboutData function as you can't provide authors within the constructor.

If somebody feels he's up for some non-thinking work, feel free to actually copy the description from the .desktop files.
It would be nice to have .desktop and aboutData information in sync, but I'm not going to require that as its a pretty tedious job that doesn't buy us anything.

Going to do kdevelop now.

File Changes

Modified 23 files
  • /trunk/KDE/kdevplatform/plugins
  •   /bazaar/bzrplugin.cpp
  •   /classbrowser/classbrowserplugin.cpp
  •   /classbrowser/kdevclassbrowser.desktop
  •   /contextbrowser/contextbrowser.cpp
  •   /contextbrowser/kdevcontextbrowser.desktop
  •   /duchainviewer/duchainviewplugin.cpp
  •   /duchainviewer/kdevduchainview.desktop
  •   /execute/executeplugin.cpp
  •   /execute/kdevexecute.desktop
  •   /filemanager/kdevfilemanagerplugin.cpp
  •   /genericprojectmanager/genericmanager.cpp
  •   /git/gitplugin.cpp
  •   /konsole/kdevkonsoleviewplugin.cpp
  •   /mercurial/hgplugin.cpp
  •   /problemreporter/problemreporterplugin.cpp
  •   /projectmanagerview/projectmanagerviewplugin.cpp
  •   /quickopen/quickopenplugin.cpp
  •   /snippet/snippetplugin.cpp
  •   /sourceformatter/sourceformatterplugin.cpp
  •   /standardoutputview/standardoutputview.cpp
  •   /subversion/kdevsvnplugin.cpp
  •   /teamwork/kdevteamworkplugin.cpp
  •   /vcscommon/kdevvcscommonplugin.cpp
23 files changed in total