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Features in Development Tools

Arno Rehn committed changes in /trunk/KDE/kdebindings/csharp/kimono:

* Add support for Mono based kio slaves by extending kimonopluginfactory.
* Add a kio_monodoc example kio slave. It needs monodoc installed and accessible through 'pkg-config --libs monodoc'.
You can then access the mono documentation by typing e.g.
in Konqueror's address bar or using kioclient from the command line.

Simply monodoc:/ will bring you to monodoc:/N:System

File Changes

Added 8 files
  • /trunk/KDE/kdebindings/csharp/kimono/examples
  •   /CMakeLists.txt
  •   /kio
  •   /kio/CMakeLists.txt
  •   /kio/kio_monodoc
  •   /kio/kio_monodoc/CMakeLists.txt
  •   /kio/kio_monodoc/kio_monodoc.cs
  •   /kio/kio_monodoc/monodoc.protocol
Modified 3 files
  • /trunk/KDE/kdebindings/csharp/kimono
  •   /ChangeLog
  •   /CMakeLists.txt
  •   /src/kimonopluginfactory.cpp
11 files changed in total