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Mark Kretschmann committed changes in /trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/src/context:

Made Amarok compile/work with latest libplasma trunk (<a href=""></a>;).

This was _a lot_ of work since they renamed many classes, changed around stuff, etc.
I did my best to port it all, but you might notice a few regressions. I will try (hopefully with your help) to fix the problems ASAP.

Known problem: Only 2 containments active, instead of 4. Reason unknown.

One could argue that we shouldn't bump libplasma (for fear of regressions), but on the other hand the new version also contains many bugfixes.
And we need to bump it anyway at some point, and the longer you wait, the harder it gets.

File Changes

Modified 17 files
  • /trunk/extragear/multimedia/amarok/src/context
  •   /CMakeLists.txt
  •   /ContextView.cpp
  •   /ContextView.h
  •   /containments/ColumnContainment.cpp
  •   /containments/ColumnContainment.h
  •   /widgets/ContainmentSelectionLayer.cpp
  •   /widgets/ContainmentSelectionLayer.h
  •   /widgets/ToolBoxIcon.cpp
  •   /widgets/ToolBoxIcon.h
  •   /applets/lyrics/LyricsApplet.cpp
  •   /applets/lyrics/LyricsApplet.h
  •   /applets/mediadevices/MediaDevicesApplet.cpp
  •   /applets/mediadevices/MediaDevicesApplet.h
  •   /applets/serviceinfo/ServiceInfo.cpp
  •   /applets/serviceinfo/ServiceInfo.h
  •   /applets/wikipedia/WikipediaApplet.cpp
  •   /applets/wikipedia/WikipediaApplet.h
17 files changed in total