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Features in Games

Sascha Peilicke committed changes in /trunk/playground/games/kigo:

The Go board shows now a little marker at the position where to next stone build be placed to give the user better visual feedback when he moves the mouse cursor over the Go board.

File Changes

Modified 9 files
  • /trunk/playground/games/kigo
  •   /TODO
  •   /data/themes/kigo_default.svgz
  •   /src/gui/config.ui
  •   /src/gui/graphicsview/gamescene.cpp
  •   /src/gui/graphicsview/gamescene.h
  •   /src/gui/graphicsview/themerenderer.cpp
  •   /src/gui/graphicsview/themerenderer.h
  •   /src/gui/screens/gamescreen.cpp
  •   /src/gui/screens/gamescreen.h
9 files changed in total