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Bug Fixes in KDE-PIM

Jason vanRijn Kasper committed changes in /trunk/KDE/kdepim/kpilot/conduits/calendar:

Holy crap, lots of fixes.
Yay, we can make it through a hotsync now.
Bad news is our ending counts don't match, so there's still more work to do.

* We have to check for string equality in the same encoding. So, checking for PC->fooString() == HH->barString() is naughty, whereas QString(Pilot::toPilot(PC->fooString())) == HH->barString() is correct. This will bite us all over, but most notably in Notes fields, so that's the first spot I fixed.
* Recurrences suck. We can't just check whether each side thinks there's an occurrence, since a non-recurring 4-day PC event gets turned into a recurring 1-day event. Grrr.
* Multi-day event end-dates are QDates on PC and QDateTimes on HH. Grrr.
* Bunch of debugging added to aid future bug-finding-sprees.

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