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Jos van den Oever committed changes in /trunk/kdesupport/strigi/src:

Move Strigi::DirLister to ArchiveReader::DirLister

The class Strigi::DirLister currently occurrs twice in Strigi.
This accidental circumstance is undesirable and hence the less important class is moved. Strigi::Dirlister in archivereader.h is not used outside of Strigi currently.

Therefore, while this change is not binary compatible, it poses not problems with current binaries using libstreams.
Strigi::DirLister is moved to Strigi::ArchiveReader::DirLister.
This makes sense since DirLister is a simple helper class for iterating through entries in a directory that ArchiveReader is reading.

A new Strigi release will follow in a couple of days unless problems are spottedwith this change.

File Changes

Modified 5 files
  • /trunk/kdesupport/strigi/src
  •   /archivereader/archivecat.cpp
  •   /streams/archivereader.cpp
  •   /streams/archivereader.h
  •   /archivereader/qclient/archiveenginehandler.cpp
  •   /streams/tests/ArchiveReaderTest.cpp
5 files changed in total