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Features in Networking Tools

Mehrdad Momeny committed changes in /trunk/playground/network/choqok/src:

Support for send and receive direct messages implemented.

* Support for getting list of direct messages
* Support for getting list of Sent messages.
* Support for getting list of friends and followers, and show list to user, to select one.
* Support for Send new direct message.
* User can add new friends to list, by adding to comboBox, and it will save at quit.
* Support for deleting a direct message.

File Changes

Modified 14 files
  • /trunk/playground/network/choqok/src
  •   /accountmanager.cpp
  •   /accountmanager.h
  •   /accounts.h
  •   /accountswizard.h
  •   /backend.cpp
  •   /backend.h
  •   /datacontainers.h
  •   /statustextedit.cpp
  •   /statustextedit.h
  •   /statuswidget.cpp
  •   /statuswidget.h
  •   /timelinewidget.cpp
  •   /timelinewidget.h
  •   /timelinewidget_base.ui
14 files changed in total