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Aaron J. Seigo committed changes in /trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/plasma/shells/desktop:

plasma is not just the desktop shell; so change the name of the binary from plasma to plasma-desktoprc. this makes plasmarc the realm of libplasma as a nice side effect

File Changes

Added 3 files
  • /trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/plasma/shells/desktop
  •   /plasma-desktop.desktop
  •   /configupdates/plasma-to-plasma-desktop.cpp
  •   /configupdates/plasmarc-to-plasmadesktoprc.upd
Deleted 1 files
  • /trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/plasma/shells/desktop/plasma.desktop
Modified 3 files
  • /trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/plasma/shells/desktop
  •   /CMakeLists.txt
  •   /main.cpp
  •   /configupdates/CMakeLists.txt
7 files changed in total