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Friedrich W. H. Kossebau committed changes in /trunk/playground/network:

Import of the slp kioslave (service:/ and slp:/), ported to KDE 4 based on the version 0.4.1 for KDE 3

This kioslave has been developed by Adrian Schröter in a SUSE repository before.

This is a 1:1 port of the code and the features.
I have started a large refactoring, to fix some things (different behaviour for stat, get, list, ...) and make the code to my likings, but that version is currently broken and needs more time to be fixed.

So all people being happy with the KDE3 version should be happy with this version for now (modulo bugs introduced by the port, as I have no SLP system set up to check).

But Adrian wants to test (and fix) this code in a heavily SLP burdened network, triggered by this commit :)

In the long run support for the SLP system might be merged with the one for the Bonjour system, becoming abstracted behind a wrapper (KDE 4, the happy layer system). Will see.

File Changes

Added 15 files
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  •   /src/kio_slprc
  •   /src/mdns.protocol
  •   /src/remoteview-slp.desktop
  •   /src/service.desktop
  •   /src/service.protocol
  •   /src/slp.protocol
  •   /cmake/modules/FindSLP.cmake
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