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Features in Development Tools

Mickael Marchand committed changes in /trunk/KDE/kdesdk/kioslave/svn:

Here comes write support for kio_svn (taken from "svnput" hack)

* big fat WARNING *

ok so now you can do:
kwrite svn+ssh://user@host/home/user/myrepos/myfile.txt
and when you save it creates automatically a commit for you.

you really can break other people work when working in team, there is NO single safety check to ensure you are not erasing a just-committed version by someone else. So use with real care.

on the other hand, it's just great for your own small repository where you write some book/article/small code.

for some reason I could not understand, kwrite keeps saving remotely even when the file has not been changed (I mean press save twice, it will actually do 2 commits to the repository ... I don't know what I missed there, if anybody knows, I am interested to find a way to stop that behavior)

PS: please don't test with KDE's SVN or I will be hated ;)

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  • /trunk/KDE/kdesdk/kioslave/svn
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