Revision 928082

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Bug Fixes in Development Tools

Otto Bruggeman committed changes in /trunk/KDE/kdesdk/kompare:

Actually give a QWidget* wehn asked for one and not cast a QObject* to a QWidget*, that does not work...
Most likely fixed as well due to removing the "delete this" which is pure evil
A missing KGlobal::deref() seems to have caused kompare to stay around without visible windows.
Same for this one, due to the missing deref kompare never fully quit and the session was saved and restored on next login.

Many many cleanups and many dialog created on the heap are not created on the stack whereever possible.
Updated most headers with the updated copyright year and a new email address.

Next time i'll try to split it up in seperate commits.

File Changes

Modified 21 files
  • /trunk/KDE/kdesdk/kompare
  •   /kompare_shell.cpp
  •   /kompareurldialog.cpp
  •   /main.cpp
  •   /komparenavtreepart/komparenavtreepart.cpp
  •   /komparepart/kompare_part.cpp
  •   /komparepart/kompare_part.h
  •   /komparepart/kompareconnectwidget.cpp
  •   /komparepart/komparelistview.cpp
  •   /komparepart/komparelistview.h
  •   /libdiff2/difference.cpp
  •   /libdiff2/difference.h
  •   /libdiff2/diffhunk.cpp
  •   /libdiff2/diffhunk.h
  •   /libdiff2/diffmodel.cpp
  •   /libdiff2/diffmodel.h
  •   /libdiff2/diffmodellist.cpp
  •   /libdiff2/diffmodellist.h
  •   /libdiff2/komparemodellist.cpp
  •   /libdiff2/komparemodellist.h
  •   /libdiff2/kompareprocess.cpp
  •   /libdiff2/parserbase.cpp
21 files changed in total