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Bug Fixes in Development Tools

svenbrauch at googlemail dot com committed changes in [KDevelop-Python/fastparser] /parser:

Fixed further errors. Should start with parser adjustment now.

How it works now:
* astbuilder.cpp includes python/parser.h and other python header files,
and calls PyParser_ASTFromString to get a python AST for the editor
* There's a script with generates a tree walker
out of a rule definition file (parser/python26.sdef) which walks
through this AST and converts it to our custom plugin AST, which is
much easier to use (based on classes, not on structs, and on QFoo
instead of Py_Object black datatype magic).

What's missing:
* Error reporting.
* Need to adjust ranges, probably we'll do that best in the python
parser. We decided to fork it, anyway, so if we pay the price, we can
also collect the goodies. :)
* Reorder enums so they fit the python ones.

File Changes

Modified 2 files
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