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Features in KDE Base

Friedrich Karl Tilman Pülz committed changes in /trunk/playground/base/plasma/dataengines/publictransport/publictransportdataengine.cpp:

- The "ServiceProvider" source can now also be used to get information about a specific accessor by it's ID (eg. "ServiceProvider de_db"), instead just for information about the default accessor for a given country code (eg. "ServiceProvider de").

- When reading an accessor from one of the default service provider symlinks the real filename is now used, which also means that the real service provider ID is used. That way the datacache-file storing information about accessor scripts doesn't include default accessors twice, eg. "de_db" and "de_default" (symlink for de_db).

- Corrected the "defaultAccessor" for "international" from "others_flightstats" to "international_flightstats" in the "Locations" data source.

File Changes

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  • /trunk/playground/base/plasma/dataengines/publictransport/publictransportdataengine.cpp
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