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Friedrich Karl Tilman Pülz committed changes in /trunk/playground/base/plasma/dataengines/publictransport:

- Dropped some service providers: de_vrn (seems like there are now only departure urls for specific lines), at_oebb (needs a script instead of only regexps for easier adoption to new website layouts, but but no urls directly to the timetables).
- Added debug output and error logging to accessor scripts to make it easier to find bugs, eg. if websites change. Errors are logged to a file, eg. "~/.kde4/share/apps/plasma_engine_publictransport/accessors.log".

- Updated fr_gares, dk_rejseplanen, us_septa, de_vvs to new website layouts.
- Date values are now correct for the de_db accessor, also if departures for a date other than today are requested.
- The de_db accessor now also recognizes inavailable delays for requests of departures that are more than two hours in the future. This allows to less often update data, because data with available delays gets updated more often.
- Updated the ch_sbb accessor to work for journeys again. The problem was changed HTML code from the SBB service provider.
- Added new functions to the ch_sbb accessor: Parse routes of journeys complete with departure/arrival times, types of the used vehicles, line string and platforms). Parse capacity information and add it to the journey news.
- Fixed ch_sbb to show all departures, not only every second.. This was a one character fix ;)
- Fixed cz_idnes, it didn't show new departures after some time.

File Changes

Deleted 2 files
  • /trunk/playground/base/plasma/dataengines/publictransport/accessorInfos
  •   /at_oebb.xml
  •   /de_vrn.xml
Modified 26 files
  • /trunk/playground/base/plasma/dataengines/publictransport
  •   /scripting.cpp
  •   /scripting.h
  •   /accessorInfos/be_brail.js
  •   /accessorInfos/be_brail.xml
  •   /accessorInfos/ch_sbb.js
  •   /accessorInfos/ch_sbb.xml
  •   /accessorInfos/CMakeLists.txt
  •   /accessorInfos/cz_idnes.xml
  •   /accessorInfos/de_db.js
  •   /accessorInfos/de_db.xml
  •   /accessorInfos/de_dvb.js
  •   /accessorInfos/de_vvs.xml
  •   /accessorInfos/dk_rejseplanen.js
  •   /accessorInfos/dk_rejseplanen.xml
  •   /accessorInfos/fr_gares.js
  •   /accessorInfos/fr_gares.xml
  •   /accessorInfos/it_cup2000.js
  •   /accessorInfos/it_cup2000.xml
  •   /accessorInfos/it_orario.js
  •   /accessorInfos/it_orario.xml
  •   /accessorInfos/pl_pkp.xml
  •   /accessorInfos/sk_atlas.js
  •   /accessorInfos/sk_atlas.xml
  •   /accessorInfos/sk_imhd.js
  •   /accessorInfos/us_septa.js
  •   /accessorInfos/us_septa.xml
28 files changed in total