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Optimization in Graphics

Marcel Wiesweg committed changes in /branches/extragear/graphics/digikam/core/utilities/queuemanager:

Create settings widgets for some BQM tools only when they are needed.
Currently, at startup, all settings widget are created and kept in memory,
this should not be necessary.

A tool can choose not to create the widget in its constructor, but instead
implement a createSettingsWidget() method which must be called from
the framework before the tool is accessed. I hope to have found
all relevant paths where this must be done.

Not all tools are ported.

File Changes

Modified 21 files
  • /branches/extragear/graphics/digikam/core/utilities/queuemanager
  •   /assignedlist.cpp
  •   /batchtool.cpp
  •   /batchtool.h
  •   /basetools/color/bwconvert.cpp
  •   /basetools/color/bwconvert.h
  •   /basetools/color/curvesadjust.cpp
  •   /basetools/color/curvesadjust.h
  •   /basetools/enhance/antivignetting.cpp
  •   /basetools/enhance/antivignetting.h
  •   /basetools/enhance/blur.cpp
  •   /basetools/enhance/blur.h
  •   /basetools/enhance/lensautofix.cpp
  •   /basetools/enhance/lensautofix.h
  •   /basetools/enhance/localcontrast.cpp
  •   /basetools/enhance/localcontrast.h
  •   /basetools/enhance/noisereduction.cpp
  •   /basetools/enhance/noisereduction.h
  •   /basetools/enhance/restoration.cpp
  •   /basetools/enhance/restoration.h
  •   /basetools/enhance/sharpen.cpp
  •   /basetools/enhance/sharpen.h
21 files changed in total