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Features in Office

Silvio Heinrich committed changes in [calligra] /pigment:

Added KoCompositeOpGeneric class to easily create new composite modes by just defining a composition function.

The KoCompositeOpGeneric class is a template that takes a function pointer
to a composition function as a second template parameter.

So for the most composition modes it is not needed anymore
to derive a new class from KoCompositionOp (or from one of its derivates)

File Changes

Added 1 files
  • libs/pigment/compositeops/KoCompositeOpGeneric.h
Modified 5 files
  • /pigment
  •   libs/KoCompositeOp.h
  •   libs/compositeops/KoCompositeOpBurn.h
  •   libs/compositeops/KoCompositeOpDodge.h
  •   libs/compositeops/KoCompositeOpFunctions.h
  •   libs/compositeops/KoCompositeOps.h
6 files changed in total