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Features in KDE Base

Friedrich Karl Tilman Pülz committed changes in /trunk/playground/base/plasma/dataengines/publictransport/accessorInfos:

Updated/new accessors:
- all: Added changelogs and short author to the XMLs.
- at_oebb: Wrote a script for at_oebb and updated URLs and parsing. It can now also parse route information, journey news, platform and delays.
- at_oebb: Better stop suggestion source, faster by requiring less data to be transfered, added stop weights.
- ch_sbb: Updated to work for journeys again. The problem was changed HTML code from the SBB service provider.
- ch_sbb: Added new functions. Parsing of routes of journeys with departure/arrival times, types of the used vehicles, line string and platforms). Parse capacity information and add it to the journey news.
- ch_sbb: Fixed to show all departures, not only every second.. This was a one character fix ;)
- cz_idnes, sk_atlas: Wrote scripts for cz_idnes and sk_atlas, replacing the regular expressions in the XMLs. They can now also get stop suggestions by using an ASMX web service (with POST requests), which needs a session key. The session key is read from the service provider home page.
- cz_idnes: Fixed, didn't show new departures after some time.
- de_db: Date values are now correct for de_db, also if departures for a date other than today are requested.
- de_db: The de_db accessor now also recognizes inavailable delays for requests of departures that are more than two hours in the future. This allows to less often update data, because data with available delays gets updated more often.
- de_dvb: Added fast stop suggestions by using the URL that's also used by the website's script (returns stops as HTML formatted list).
- de_vrn: Dropped, seems like there are now only departure urls for specific lines.
- fr_gares, dk_rejseplanen, us_septa, de_vvs: Updated to new website layouts (making them pass the unit tests).
- se_resrobot: A new accessor for Sweden with stop suggestions. Recognizes busses, regional/highspeed trains, planes and ships. Can compute delays if the original departure time is given in the remarks section of the result website. But getting a departure document requires to ask the provider for suggestions for the given stop name first, then the "ID" of the best suggestion is used to get the departures. The "ID" is just the index of the stop suggestion, ie. 0 for the best=first suggestion. Getting departures with this service provider can take some more time (~10 seconds).
- international_flightstats: Rewritten with a script, stop suggestions can be retrieved in XML format.

File Changes

Added 3 files
  • /trunk/playground/base/plasma/dataengines/publictransport/accessorInfos
  •   /international_flightstats.js
  •   /se_resrobot.js
  •   /se_resrobot.xml
Modified 26 files
  • /trunk/playground/base/plasma/dataengines/publictransport/accessorInfos
  •   /.directory
  •   /at_oebb.js
  •   /at_oebb.xml
  •   /be_brail.xml
  •   /ch_sbb.js
  •   /ch_sbb.xml
  •   /cz_idnes.xml
  •   /de_bvg.xml
  •   /de_db.js
  •   /de_db.xml
  •   /de_dvb.js
  •   /de_dvb.xml
  •   /de_fahrplaner.xml
  •   /de_nasa.xml
  •   /de_rmv.xml
  •   /de_vvs.xml
  •   /dk_rejseplanen.xml
  •   /fr_gares.xml
  •   /international_flightstats.xml
  •   /it_cup2000.xml
  •   /it_orario.xml
  •   /pl_pkp.xml
  •   /sk_atlas.xml
  •   /sk_imhd.xml
  •   /us_nasa.xml
  •   /us_septa.xml
29 files changed in total