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Features in KDE-PIM

Mario Bensi committed changes in [zanshin] /:

Activate the category tree

- Add role to get the category path CategoryPathRole
- We can add a category under another category
- We can remove the category and this remove category child and detach
the todo
- Fix rename, now we need rename also the path of child category
- Add dnd of category, we can dnd one or severals category in another
- Move Separator from TodoNode to CategoryManager, TodoNode should
accessible only by the todo*model and not by others objects.

File Changes

Modified 15 files
  •   src/actionlistdelegate.cpp
  •   src/actionlisteditor.cpp
  •   src/actionlisteditorpage.cpp
  •   src/categorymanager.cpp
  •   src/categorymanager.h
  •   src/sidebar.cpp
  •   src/sidebarmodel.cpp
  •   src/sidebarpage.cpp
  •   src/todocategoriesmodel.cpp
  •   src/todocategoriesmodel.h
  •   src/todohelpers.cpp
  •   src/todohelpers.h
  •   src/todomodel.h
  •   src/todonode.cpp
  •   src/todonode.h
15 files changed in total