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Bug Fixes in Office

Matus Uzak committed changes in [calligra] /:

PPT: Include the information from the TextRulerAtom while processing the text content.

* Fixes the horizontal positioning of lists and paragraphs, TextRulerAtom was required.
* Fixes the problem with incorrect level information in list-level-style-* and
nesting of <text-list> elements.

File Changes

Modified 8 files
  •   filters/libmso/ODrawToOdf.h
  •   filters/libmso/shapes.cpp
  •   filters/kpresenter/powerpoint/pptstyle.cpp
  •   filters/kpresenter/powerpoint/pptstyle.h
  •   filters/kpresenter/powerpoint/PptToOdp.cpp
  •   filters/kpresenter/powerpoint/PptToOdp.h
  •   filters/tables/excel/import/ODrawClient.cpp
  •   filters/tables/excel/import/ODrawClient.h
8 files changed in total