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Features in Networking Tools

Lasath Fernando committed changes in [telepathy-accounts-kcm-plugins] /:

Committer: Lasath Fernando

On branch haze-yahoo-build
Changes to be committed:
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new file: haze-yahoo-account.cpp
new file: haze-yahoo-account.h
new file: yahoo-main-options-widget.cpp
new file: yahoo-main-options-widget.h
new file: yahoo-main-options-widget.ui
modified: haze-account-ui-plugin.cpp

I added a Haze Yahoo plugin. At the moment it does not have an advanced options widget, I'll add that later.

File Changes

Added 5 files
  •   haze/haze-yahoo-account.cpp
  •   haze/haze-yahoo-account.h
  •   haze/yahoo-main-options-widget.cpp
  •   haze/yahoo-main-options-widget.h
  •   haze/yahoo-main-options-widget.ui
5 files changed in total