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Features in Office

Ganesh Paramasivam committed changes in [koffice/koffice/change-tracking] /kotext:

Initial checkin of new classes needed to extend and enhance show/hide changes to support deleted rows and columns

File Changes

Added 8 files
  • /kotext/changetracker
  •   libs/KoDeletedCellData.cpp
  •   libs/KoDeletedCellData.h
  •   libs/KoDeletedColumnData.cpp
  •   libs/KoDeletedColumnData.h
  •   libs/KoDeletedRowColumnDataStore.cpp
  •   libs/KoDeletedRowColumnDataStore.h
  •   libs/KoDeletedRowData.cpp
  •   libs/KoDeletedRowData.h
Modified 1 files
  • libs/kotext/CMakeLists.txt
9 files changed in total