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Features in KDE Base

Raphael Kubo da Costa committed changes in [kde-workspace] /Modules:

kinfocenter: Get rid of the old GetInfo_CPU code.

SVN commit 785813 (git commit 018a390a468c4ee7d32ce96ed7dd6ec04bdc49a3
in kde-baseapps) added a new "processor information" module based on
Solid, but the old code for each operating system ended up being
forgotten here.

The only downside I can think of is that we supposedly remove some
code for operating systems such as AIX, but I don't even know whether
KDE currently runs on it (plus the mentioned commit said the old code
was buggy).

File Changes

Modified 13 files
  • /Modules
  •   kinfocenter/base/info_aix.cpp
  •   kinfocenter/base/info_fbsd.cpp
  •   kinfocenter/base/info_generic.cpp
  •   kinfocenter/base/info_hpux.cpp
  •   kinfocenter/base/info_linux.cpp
  •   kinfocenter/base/info_netbsd.cpp
  •   kinfocenter/base/info_openbsd.cpp
  •   kinfocenter/base/info_osx.cpp
  •   kinfocenter/base/info_sgi.cpp
  •   kinfocenter/base/info_solaris.cpp
  •   kinfocenter/base/info_svr4.cpp
  •   kinfocenter/base/os_current.h
  •   kinfocenter/info/main.cpp
13 files changed in total