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Features in Office

Allan Anderson committed changes in /trunk/extragear/office/kmymoney/kmymoney/plugins/csvimport:

Further change to CSV Plugin, following suggestions that the UI be revised to use tabs. Because this involved combining two UIs into one, and because of similarities in widget naming, a considerable amount of renaming has taken place, adding to the patch size.

Another suggestion was to allow selection of the decimal symbol, so this is catered for. While doing this, some identical code was removed from the two major classes and combined in a common class.

File Changes

Deleted 1 files
  • /trunk/extragear/office/kmymoney/kmymoney/plugins/csvimport/investmentdlgdecl.ui
Modified 18 files
  • /trunk/extragear/office/kmymoney/kmymoney/plugins/csvimport
  •   /convdate.cpp
  •   /convdate.h
  •   /csvimporterdlg.cpp
  •   /csvimporterdlg.h
  •   /csvimporterdlgdecl.ui
  •   /csvimporterplugin.cpp
  •   /csvprocessing.cpp
  •   /csvprocessing.h
  •   /csvutil.cpp
  •   /csvutil.h
  •   /investmentdlg.cpp
  •   /investmentdlg.h
  •   /investprocessing.cpp
  •   /investprocessing.h
  •   /parsedatatest.cpp
  •   /parsedatatest.h
  •   /redefinedlg.cpp
  •   /redefinedlg.h
19 files changed in total