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Features in Office

Thomas Zander committed changes in [koffice] /:

Rework the definitions of headers/footers according to kword a bit

I'm introducing a boolean which would allow for a two-mode operation;
either the adding of text to the headers will make the main text shape
shrink (keeping the gap constant) or it will keep the main text frame
constant (making the gap shrink).

File Changes

Modified 7 files
  •   kword/part/KWPageStyle.cpp
  •   kword/part/KWPageStyle.h
  •   kword/part/KWPageStyle_p.h
  •   libs/odf/KoGenStyle.cpp
  •   kword/part/dialogs/KWHeaderFooter.cpp
  •   kword/part/dialogs/KWHeaderFooter.h
  •   kword/part/dialogs/KWHeaderFooter.ui
7 files changed in total