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Features in Games

Laszlo Papp committed changes in [gluon] /examples:

Player/Examples: Add a new game draft called 'Jump'n bump'.

My favourite game from the elementary school times and it will establish the
opportunity for us to test the collide background operation properly and
demonstrate that. Moreover it is also a good option for the multiple input
testing and multiplayer gaming even though only just in a simple way.

File Changes

Added 11 files
  • /examples
  •   player/jumpnbump.gluon/.directory
  •   player/jumpnbump.gluon/.gdb_history
  •   player/jumpnbump.gluon/desktop.ini
  •   player/jumpnbump.gluon/game.gluonproject
  •   player/jumpnbump.gluon/readme.txt
  •   player/ball.gluon/scenes/game.gluonscene
  •   player/jumpnbump.gluon/assets/main_material.gml
  •   player/jumpnbump.gluon/scenes/game.gluonscene
  •   player/jumpnbump.gluon/assets/scripts/controller.js
  •   player/jumpnbump.gluon/assets/scripts/player.js
  •   player/jumpnbump.gluon/assets/scripts/trap.js
Deleted 1 files
  • player/examples/ball.gluon/scene/ball_game.gluonscene
12 files changed in total