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C. Boemann committed changes in [calligra/textlayout-anchors-boemann] /textlayout:

More work on getting anchors to work.
We now actually detect them and add them to our internal list during layout
We just never actually place the obstructions at heir right place

File Changes

Modified 10 files
  • /textlayout
  •   libs/AnchorStrategy.cpp
  •   libs/AnchorStrategy.h
  •   libs/FloatingAnchorStrategy.cpp
  •   libs/FloatingAnchorStrategy.h
  •   libs/InlineAnchorStrategy.cpp
  •   libs/InlineAnchorStrategy.h
  •   libs/KoTextDocumentLayout.cpp
  •   libs/KoTextDocumentLayout.h
  •   libs/KoTextLayoutArea.cpp
  •   libs/KoTextShapeContainerModel.cpp
10 files changed in total