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Features in Educational

Frederik Gladhorn committed changes in [parley/practice-font-size] /practice:

Implement setting of different font for practice modes.

One font and size per language. Can be configured in
language settings in the editor.


File Changes

Modified 11 files
  • /practice
  •   src/abstractwidget.h
  •   src/comparisonmodewidget.cpp
  •   src/comparisonmodewidget.h
  •   src/conjugationmodewidget.cpp
  •   src/conjugationmodewidget.h
  •   src/flashcardmodewidget.cpp
  •   src/flashcardmodewidget.h
  •   src/mixedlettersmodewidget.cpp
  •   src/mixedlettersmodewidget.h
  •   src/multiplechoicemodewidget.cpp
  •   src/multiplechoicemodewidget.h
11 files changed in total