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Bug Fixes in Utilities

Raphael Kubo da Costa committed changes in /branches/KDE/4.6/kdeutils/ark/part/part.cpp:

Do not pass widget(), which is a QSplitter, as a parent to KFileDialog.

Oh, we all love nested event loops. A QSplitter is passed as a parent to
KFileDialog, which creates a KFileWidget. KFileWidget runs a nested event loop
to stat the specified directory, which leads to posted events being processed,
including QSplitter::childEvent(). childEvent() calls KFileDialog::show(),
which shows the KFileDialog in a non-modal state. When KFileDialog::exec() is
called, the dialog is already shown and is non-modal.

FIXED-IN: 4.6.4

File Changes

Modified 1 files
  • /branches/KDE/4.6/kdeutils/ark/part/part.cpp
1 files changed in total