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Features in Educational

Dennis Nienhüser committed changes in [marble] /osm-addresses:

Offline address search database generator.

Extracts placemarks (addresses and POIs) from OpenStreetMap .osm xml
files and .pbf binary files. Stores them in a sqlite database file.

Code LGPL by me except that in the pbf/ directory, see the origins
and licenses in the respective file headers and/or the README.txt in
that directory.

This code is not part of the Marble library or any of the Marble
executables. It is not useful for end-users. It is not build by cmake.
Hence it is not affected by the various freezes.

File Changes

Added 23 files
  • /osm-addresses
  •   tools/main.cpp
  •   tools/OsmParser.cpp
  •   tools/OsmParser.h
  •   tools/OsmRegion.cpp
  •   tools/OsmRegion.h
  •   tools/OsmRegionTree.cpp
  •   tools/OsmRegionTree.h
  •   tools/SqlWriter.cpp
  •   tools/SqlWriter.h
  •   tools/Writer.cpp
  •   tools/Writer.h
  •   tools/pbf/
  •   tools/pbf/fileformat.pb.h
  •   tools/pbf/fileformat.proto
  •   tools/pbf/
  •   tools/pbf/osmformat.pb.h
  •   tools/pbf/osmformat.proto
  •   tools/pbf/PbfParser.cpp
  •   tools/pbf/PbfParser.h
  •   tools/pbf/README.txt
  •   tools/xml/XmlParser.cpp
  •   tools/xml/XmlParser.h
23 files changed in total