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Bug Fixes in Networking Tools

Lamarque Souza committed changes in [networkmanagement/nm09] /:

Get secrets at first try when editing.

The problem was that NMDBusSettingsConnectionProvider maintains two list
of connections, one passed to the constructor and another created
in a private class (d class). When
NMDBusSettingsConnectionProvider::onConnectionSecretsArrived gets the
secrets it was updating only the connection in the d class class but
manageconnectionwidget uses the other connection list.

To make things simpler I added the secrets to the signal
manageconnectionwidget already listen to.

Maybe in the future we could use only one list of connections instead of

File Changes

Modified 5 files
  •   backends/NetworkManager/connectiondbus.cpp
  •   backends/NetworkManager/nmdbussettingsconnectionprovider.cpp
  •   backends/NetworkManager/nmdbussettingsconnectionprovider.h
  •   settings/config/manageconnectionwidget.cpp
  •   settings/config/manageconnectionwidget.h
5 files changed in total