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Paul Mendez committed changes in [calligra] /:

Stage: Add support for standard Actions in Slides Sorter View

Integrate the following standard Actions in Stage Slides Sorter View
(connect actions to standard shortcuts and toolbar/menu buttons):
- Copy, Cut, Paste
- Select/Deselect all
- Delete current selection
REVIEW: 101562

File Changes

Modified 7 files
  •   kpresenter/part/KPrSlidesManagerView.cpp
  •   kpresenter/part/KPrSlidesManagerView.h
  •   kpresenter/part/KPrViewModeSlidesSorter.cpp
  •   kpresenter/part/KPrViewModeSlidesSorter.h
  •   libs/flake/KoCopyController.cpp
  •   libs/kopageapp/KoPAView.cpp
  •   libs/kopageapp/KoPAView.h
7 files changed in total